SQL Games

Check out these two entertaining websites that teach SQL through interactive games and scenarios. Not only will you have fun playing, but you’ll gain job-ready SQL skills for investigating and making sense of data.

SQL Island 

SQL Island provides a visualization game for learning fundamental SQL concepts. You’ve crash-landed on an island and have to query 3 different tables to make your way out.

As you progress through the story you’ll learn key statements like SELECT, FROM, WHERE, JOINs, aggregates, and more. With each mission, you’ll need to construct SQL queries to extract and analyze information to uncover insights.

This hands-on structure helps you quickly grasp SQL syntax and analytical thinking needed for data analytics roles. You’ll gain essential knowledge of how to investigate and draw conclusions from databases – a must for data-driven jobs, and you even get a completion certificate at the end! 

Just make sure to use the 'sprache wechseln' button to change the language from German to english! 

SQL Murder Mystery 

If tropical islands aren’t your thing, SQL Murder Mystery delivers the same great SQL training through a riveting detective scenario. Using a database of clues like financial records, interviews, and location histories, you must piece together evidence and uncover what happened. 

To progress through the mystery, you’ll need to master writing SQL statements to extract critical details from large datasets. The game provides realistic practice for filtering, combining tables, aggregating results, and more.

By the end, you’ll have honed SQL skills for digging into complex data and uncovering key facts – extremely valuable for data analysis careers. The game format also makes learning interactive and engaging.

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