How to get started with Power BI

Power BI is one of the top data visualization tools to have in your arsenal as a data analyst. By mastering Power BI, data analysts can efficiently process, transform, and visualize data, enabling them to uncover valuable insights and trends. Power BI's interactive dashboards and reports empower analysts to present complex information in a user-friendly manner, fostering effective communication and understanding among stakeholders. Additionally, Power BI's integration with other Microsoft tools and its wide adoption in the industry make it a valuable skill that can boost a data analyst's career prospects and opportunities.

Here are my favorite FREE resources to get started with Power BI:

Download PowerBIDownloads | Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Learn: Microsoft Learn offers traditional e-learning, finish the following learning paths to learn all the theory and best practices for Power BI directly from Microsoft. 

Workout Wednesday: After learning the basics of PowerBI you are ready for hands-on practice. For that, I will always recommend Workout WednesdayWorkout Wednesday is a free community challenge where you are given an exact report/dashboard to replicate to test your skills. There's a new challenge posted every Wednesday and the solution is usually posted by the weekend.

I recommend you do the first 9 challenges of 2021 to get started. They will take you all the way from basic data connections to forecasting & anomaly detection.

And that's it! After completing all these steps you should be very familiar with PowerBI and you can start working on other challenges or following along with my other PowerBI tutorials.

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