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My recommended Tableau learning resources I've consolidated all my recommended Tableau learning resources into this page. From beginners to experts, there is something here for everyone to level up their skills.  Download Tableau Tableau for students (FREE)  Tableau Public download Getting Started/Classroom Training Tableau Starter Kit Hands-On Practice MakeoverMonday Tiktok Video Blog Post WorkoutWednesday YouTube Channels Tableau Tim Andy Kriebel Alex The Analyst DataWithLuis

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My recommended SQL learning resources I've consolidated all my recommended SQL learning resources into this page. From beginners to experts, there is something for everyone. SQL Learning  Here are my favorite courses and practice websites if you're just getting started with SQL! Udacity - SQL for Data Analysis Sololearn Blog Post TikTok Video SQL Games These two free SQL games will help you level up your SQL Skills! SQL Island SQL Murder Mystery Blog Post TikTok Video SQL Practice Interview Questions Once you are feeling confident with SQL it's time to start doing practice interview questions! All these websites offer robust catalogs of free questions but also offer a premium membership if you are interested in more practice. Blog Post TikTokVideo  

SQL Games

Check out these two entertaining websites that teach SQL through interactive games and scenarios. Not only will you have fun playing, but you’ll gain job-ready SQL skills for investigating and making sense of data. SQL Island  SQL Island  provides a visualization game for learning fundamental SQL concepts. You’ve crash-landed on an island and have to query 3 different tables to make your way out. As you progress through the story you’ll learn key statements like SELECT, FROM, WHERE, JOINs, aggregates, and more. With each mission, you’ll need to construct SQL queries to extract and analyze information to uncover insights. This hands-on structure helps you quickly grasp SQL syntax and analytical thinking needed for data analytics roles. You’ll gain essential knowledge of how to investigate and draw conclusions from databases – a must for data-driven jobs, and you even get a completion certificate at the end!  Just make sure to use the 'sprache wechseln' button to change the langu

My favorite SQL practice website (

I think I just found my new favorite SQL practice website. The website is called  and it is completely free.  This all-in-one website offers SQL training, as well as SQL practice questions. SQL Learning has a section called "Learning resources" that includes tutorials for basic SQL queries, filtering, functions (Aggregate, Window, String, etc.), and table manipulation. The tutorials are pretty basic, but work great as a refresher. But if you're just starting out, I still recommend starting with an interactive course like Udacity or SoloLearn .  SQL Practice  is also a great place to practice and test your SQL skills.  It lets you write and run SQL code against two different sample databases. One database has data related to hospital patients and has four tables, and the other one has sample sales data for a fictitious company called Northwind Traders and has eleven tables. You're able to see the schemas for the data

How to learn Data Preparation for free (Alteryx SparkED Program)

As a data analyst, you can spend up to 80% of your time working on data preparation tasks. These tasks include but are not limited to data gathering, data cleaning, and data transformation. Therefore if you want to break into data analytics it's a great idea to build learning this skill into your data analytics learning path . Thankfully, Alteryx makes it very easy to learn. Alteryx is a data analytics platform that enables users to prepare, blend, and analyze data from various sources through a user-friendly interface, streamlining the data preparation and analysis process. They have an amazing program called Alteryx for Independent Learners , as part of their Alteryx SparkED program . The Alteryx for Independent Learners program provides you with: Learning modules (learning paths, weekly challenges, videos) Access to engage with an entire community of peers A 90-Day license for Alteryx Designer, which can be renewed if you complete the Alteryx Designer Core certification within

How to become a Data Analyst

 Here is everything I would learn if I were trying to break into an entry-level data analyst role today. Just as a disclaimer, I don't think you necessarily need a college degree to be a data analyst, but a degree (in anything) certainly helps! @datawithluis Replying to @Eljay This is everything I would learn if I were trying to become a data analyst without any experience. -Excel -SQL -Data Visualization -Tableau -Networking All the links are in my bio, let me know if you have any questions, and follow me for more data content #DataAnalytics   #DataAnalyst   #SQL   #Tableau   #alteryx   #python   #PowerBI   #excel #careeradvice #breakintotech #jobtok #STEM ♬ original sound - Luis - Data Analyst Intermediate Excel (Lookups (V, X, H), Pivot Tables, String Functions, Statistical Functions) W3 Schools Excel Tutorial Youtube: FreeCodeCamp TikTok: MissExcel Intermediate SQL (Data Types, Joins, Group By, Aggregate Functions, Window Functions, Data Preparation, Perf

How I Became a Data Analyst

I didn't originally set out to become a data analyst, but it turned out to be a great career decision that led to a rewarding and fruitful career.  In this blog post, I'll share the story of how I became a data analyst, the challenges I encountered along the way, and the valuable lessons I learned. Let's start with my background. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems (MIS), also known as Computer Information Systems (CIS) or IT Management. During my time in college, I embarked on five diverse internships at different companies to explore the vast field of IT and determine my area of focus. Upon graduating, I landed a position as a Jr IT Business Analyst at a Fortune 50 company. This role involved deploying transportation planning software across various divisions. I performed tasks such as gathering requirements, QA testing, and managing work-intake processes. However, after about a year and a half, I started feeling a sense of monotony. At that p