How to merge columns using PowerQuery in PowerBI

As part of the data cleaning process, you will most likely run into a situation where you will have to merge data that is stored in multiple columns. 

Some common scenarios I have seen are:

  • Merging separate First Name, and Last Name columns into one "Full Name" or "Customer Name" Column.
  • Creating a "Full Address" column out of separate "Street Address", "City", "State", and "ZipCode" columns.
  • Merging a "CustomerID" column and an "OrderID" column to create a unique identifier.

Watch the video below to learn how to merge multiple columns using PowerQuery in PowerBI.

@datawithluis How merge in columns in PowerBI. #DataAnalyst #analyst #powerbi #analytics #dashboard #powerquery #powerbitips #datavisualization #businessintelligence ♬ original sound - Luis - Data Analyst

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