How to enable the Data Profiling Tools in PowerBI

PowerQuery has a great set of tools called the "Data Profiling" tools that allow you to quickly understand the quality, distribution, and profile (descriptive statistics) of your dataset. 

The Column Quality tool allows you to see the percent rows that are valid, blank, or have errors (typically an error row doesn't match the column data type).

The Column Distribution tool gives you a quick visual of the value distribution in each column, along with a count of distinct and unique values contained in every column. I find this tool to be super helpful for data validation as you can use it to quickly spot data errors like 'USA' and 'USA ', where the second one has an extra blank.

The Column Profile tool gives you a summary of all the statistics regarding your column sample, it includes the minimum value, max value, standard deviation, unique values, distinct values, and the number of values. It can be very helpful when trying to spot outliers or wrong values.

You can read more about them here.

Watch the video below to learn about the Data Profiling tools in PowerQuery and how to Enable them.

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