Data Preparation Practice

I am a huge advocate for hands-on practice when it comes to learning data skills. Whether it's SQL, PowerBI, or Tableau, I will always recommend completing hands-on exercises as part of your learning to become a Data Analyst.

As I covered in one of my latest posts Data Preparation is a crucial skill for data analysts to have in their arsenal, and in this post I will be discussing what I believe to be the best website to practice your data preparation skills,

The website offers a range of challenges and exercises that simulate real-world data scenarios, allowing analysts to practice and refine their data preparation techniques. By providing step-by-step solutions and fostering community discussions, creates an environment for learning and collaboration among data professionals. The platform is important for data analysts because it helps them become more proficient in cleaning, formatting, and transforming raw data, which are critical steps in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of subsequent data analysis. By mastering data preparation through, analysts can significantly improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and overall proficiency in extracting valuable insights from data.

The Preppin' Data website started over four years ago and has 200+ challenges and solutions for you to practice. It was originally made for users of Tableau Prep but has since evolved and users can use any tool of their choosing including SQL, Python, Alteryx, or PowerQuery. They also encourage you to share your solutions using Twitter and the #PreppinData hashtag which can help you build your analytics network.

Watch the video below to learn more, and leave me a comment on TikTok if you have any questions!

@datawithluis Replying to @Luis - Data Analyst Here is one of my favorite websites to practice data cleaning/data prep to improve your data analytics skills. #DataAnalytics #DataAnalyst #SQL #Tableau #alteryx #python #PowerBI #excel ♬ original sound - Luis - Data Analyst

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