Advanced SQL Practice

So you've mastered the SQL Basics. Now what?

Now it's time to work on SQL Practice questions. 

SQL practice questions are an excellent way to build proficiency in the language by providing a structured approach to learning. These questions are designed to test and reinforce your understanding of SQL concepts and syntax. They help improve problem-solving skills by presenting challenges that require you to think critically and develop creative solutions. 

Solving SQL practice questions also prepares you for interviews. SQL is a commonly tested skill in job interviews for data-related positions. Practicing SQL questions beforehand can help you build the confidence to answer technical questions and perform well in interviews.

Here are three websites (free and paid) you can use to work on SQL practice questions. They all have beginner to advanced questions that will test your skills! 

I would personally start with Hackerrank and finish all their questions, then move on to DataLemur as even their premium plan is very reasonably priced, then if you want more practice move on to Leetcode.

In conclusion, SQL practice questions are an essential tool for anyone looking to become proficient in SQL. Practicing regularly helps improve problem-solving skills, enhance SQL proficiency, prepare for job interviews, promote efficiency, and provide a real-world understanding of SQL concepts. With regular practice, you'll be on your way to becoming an SQL expert. 

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